•    PhD: The Ohio State University (2010)
•    MSc: The Ohio State University (2009)
•    BSc: Bogazici University (2004)

•    2013-present, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department, NU
•    2010-2013, Postdoc, The University of Bristol, United Kingdom
•    2009-2010, Teaching Assistant, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
•    2004-2009, Teaching Associate, The Ohio State University, USA

Fall 2014:
•    MATH 161 Calculus I
•    MATH 162 Calculus II

Fall 2013:
•    MATH 273 Linear Algebra with Application
•    MATH 274 Introduction to Differential Equations

•    Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory; Homogeneous Dynamics, Entropy and Dimension Theory
•    Number Theory; Diophantine Approximation

Publications and Preprints:

1.    (with D.Y.Kleinbock, E.Lindenstrauss, and G.A.Margulis) Entropy in the cusp and singular systems of linear forms. submitted (2014)
2. Exceptional sets in homogeneous spaces and Hausdorff dimension. submitted (2014)
3. Effective uniqueness of Parry measure and exceptional sets in ergodic theory. Monatch. Math., to appear (2014)
4.    (with A. D. Pohl) Amount of failure of upper-semicontinuity of entropy in noncompact rank one situations, and Hausdorff dimension (PDF) submitted 2012
5.    (with A. Gorodnik) Diophantine approximation with restricted numerators and denominators on semisimple groups (PDF) submitted 2012.
6.    (with M. Einsiedler and A. D. Pohl) Escape of mass and entropy for diagonal flows in real rank one situations (PDF) submitted 2011.
7.    (with A. Gorodnik) Algebraic numbers, hyperbolicity, and density modulo one (PDF) J. Number Theory. 132 (2012), 2499-2509.
8.    (with M. Einsiedler) Entropy and escape of mass for SL(3, Z)\SL(3, R) (PDF) Israel J. Math. 190 (2012) 253-288.
9.    Positive Entropy Invariant Measures on the Space of Lattices with Escape of Mass (PDF) Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems. 32 (1) (2012), 141-157
10.    Entropy and Escape of Mass for Hilbert Modular Spaces (PDF) Journal of Lie Theory 22 (2012), No.3, 701-722.

(last update: 24/10/2014)