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In the School of Science and Technology, students are afforded the opportunity to develop career building skills such as scientific communications, personal study skills and project planning. You are encouraged and allowed independent thinking while integrating knowledge from a variety of disciplines. You will master creativity, being a self-starter, and be facile in acquiring and interpreting data. You will know the scientific method of data gathering and analysis. As a well-trained and knowledgeable consumer of scientific knowledge and technology, you will better prepare to explore your future career aspirations and serve your community, and your country.

The School of Science and Technology offers Bachelor of Science programs which are designed to prepare the next generation of people who will solve society’s most complex problems. These programs are built upon a foundation of the sciences, mathematics and computing and are designed for those who will lead and provide crucial technical expertise. 

Our first MSc program started in Fall 2014 and other MSc programs are commencing in 2015.


Nazarbayev University School of Science and Technology started offering Masters programs in Computer Science, Physics and Robotics in Fall 2015.

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