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It is my great pleasure to welcome your membership in our School of Science and Technology community at Nazarbayev University. We are very excited for you to embark in this great adventure with the School of Science and Technology and our partners from some of the great teaching and research Universities in the West including, University College London, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Wisconsin, Duke University, University of Pittsburgh and others who have helped establish our world-class curricula, recruit top-notch faculty, and pursue cutting edge research for all the University colleges including the School of Science and Technology.

In the School of Science and Technology, students are afforded the opportunity to develop career building skills such as scientific communications, personal study skills and project planning. You are encouraged and allowed independent thinking while integrating knowledge from a variety of disciplines. You will master creativity, being a self-starter, and be facile in acquiring and interpreting data. You will know the scientific method of data gathering and analysis. As a well-trained and knowledgeable consumer of scientific knowledge and technology, you will better prepare to explore your future career aspirations and serve your community, and your country. 

The foremost duty and vision of Nazarbayev University is to train the future leaders and captains of industry in Kazakhstan. To help you achieve this lofty goal, the School of Science and Technology employs highly-qualified scientists and teachers from well-established universities worldwide. The faculty is dedicated to better serve you through enhanced teaching technologies, current teaching modalities to accommodate different learning styles, including utilizing verbal, visual, auditory, tactile (hands on) approaches best suited for individual student needs. In addition, the School equips classrooms with the latest instructional technologies to optimize classroom and laboratory learning. Finally, the School of Science and Technology excels in providing students a well-rounded education supplemented through additional personal and social development opportunities including organized interest groups, clubs, competitions, exhibitions, seminars, as well as national and international presentations and competitions which enrich the student learning experience. Our students have achieved numerous awards, recognitions, and medals internationally. Seventy five students achieved meritorious naming to the Dean’s list. 

We expect that these outstanding achievements will continue and make your Nazarbayev University experience memorable and extremely rewarding. I look forward to meeting each of you and extend my best wishes for your success. 

Ronald Bulbulian, Ph.D. 
Dean of School of Science and Technology. 


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