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The School of Science and Technology offers innovative and relevant degree programs in the areas of Mathematics (BSc, MSc), Physics (BSc, MSc), Chemistry (BSc, MSc), Biology (BSc, MSc), Computer Science (BSc, MSc) and Robotics (BSc, MSc, PhD). These programs are built upon a common core foundation of the sciences, mathematics and computing, targeting those who will lead and provide crucial technical expertise in Central Asia and beyond. The curricula are designed according to best international practices and accreditation standards and aim to improve competitiveness in science and technology development, with the ambition to serve as possible models for higher education reform in Kazakhstan.

The tight integration of the programs offers our students a distinct advantage in achieving their personal and professional goals. All things being transient, today’s high-tech is tomorrow’s low-tech. Only science and technology professionals who have a consolidated foundation can cope with this rapidly changing world and respond to a variety of sustainable development challenges.

The School is also active in developing tomorrow’s science by offering several pioneering multidisciplinary research thrusts, which are closely connected to its inspirational teaching. Our students can avail themselves of opportunities to engage in research, no matter what their major. The goal is not only to develop our students’ problem solving abilities but also to challenge them to think outside the box.Join us and we promise we will awaken your full potential!

Professor Vassilios Tourassis, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Science and Technology


My education at the School of Science and Technology gave me the background I needed to get accepted into the PhD program at Stanford University.

Nurbek Tazhimbetov, Math 2016 

Thanks to the strength of our program, and the extensive international connections of our faculty, I was selected to conduct my internship at the European headquarters of Google in Zurich.

Raikhan Khassenova, 3rd Year, Robotics