Abdulla Mahboob, PhD

Department: Chemistry
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: 7.120
Email: abdulla.mahboob@nu.edu.kz
Phone: +7 (7172) 694658

Abdulla Mahboob is an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department at the School of Science and Technology. He completed his PhD at Brock University in Canada. Abdulla worked in the Cairns Family Health and Biosciences Complex on the reverse-engineering of Photosystem II’s reactions. His main research interest is the development of artificial photosynthetic electron transport chains for the purpose of coupling water oxidation to CO2 reduction. Abdulla’s research follows a synergistic approach bridging Computational Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, and Biochemistry. In addition to his work on artificial photosynthesis, Abdulla has research interests in the modelling of ligand binding to protein receptors and excited state calculations relevant to light harvesting in bacterial photosynthesis.



  • Reverse-engineering of Photosystem II’s reactions in small protein scaffolds
  • Design of artificial Photochemical Electron Transport Chains
  • Enzymatic coupling of water oxidation to carbon dioxide reduction
  • Time-resolved spectroscopy as a means to understand the mechanism of artificial photochemical reaction centres
  • Computations of oxidation potentials within natural and artificial reaction centres
  • Modelling of plant hormone binding to receptors
  • Quantum mechanical computations on light harvesting complexes 




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[2] A. Mahboob, S. Vassiliev, P. Podutoori, A. van der Est, and D. Bruce, PLoS ONE 8(7):e68421 (2013) “Factors Controlling the Redox Potential of ZnCe6 in an Engineered Bacterioferritin Photochemical ‘Reaction Centre’”


[3] S. Vassiliev, A. Mahboob, and D. Bruce. Photosynthesis Research 110(1):25-38 (2011) “Calculation of chromophore excited state energy shifts in response to molecular dynamics of pigment-protein complexes”