Bibinur Shupeyeva, PhD

Department: Mathematics
Position: Instructor
Office: 7E.432
Email: bibinur.shupeyeva@nu.edu.kz
Phone: +7 (7172) 694669



DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Scholarship, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Free University Berlin, Germany

Master degree


Department of Mathematics and Information Technologies,

L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan

Bachelor degree:



Department of Power engineering, Pavlodar University,

Pavlodar, Kazakhstan


Publications and Conferences


“Some boundary value problems for complex PDEs in quarter ring and half hexagon”, PhD thesis, FU Berlin, 2013, www.diss.fu-berlin.de/diss/receive/FUDISS\_thesis\_000000094596;


“Some boundary value problems in a quarter ring domain”, Adv.in Pure and Appl.Math.(3)2012, pp.393-419;


“Some Boundary Value Problems for Complex PDEs”, Conference Young women in PDEs, May, 2012, Bonn, Germany;


“Boundary value problems and method of reflection for quarter ring and half hexagon”, Current Trends in Analysis and its Applications, proceedings of the 9th ISAAC congress, August 2013, Krakow, Poland, pp.59-67;


“Boundary value problems: method of reflection”, Theoretical and applied problems of mathematics, mechanics and informatics, Materials of the intern.scientific conf., June 12-14, 2014, Karaganda, KarSU, pp.42-43;


“Boundary value problems for Cauchy-Riemann equation in a quarter ring domain”, Zeitschrift für Analysis und ihre Anwendungen, submitted, April, 2013.




August 2014



Nazarbayev University, School of Science and technology, Department of mathematics, Instructor

JSC “National info communication holding “Zerde”, Department of technological development and monitoring of NMI


Free University Berlin, research assistant and PhD student, “Complex Analysis” research group, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics


Innovative University of Eurasia, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

Academy of Engineering, Tutor of mathematics


Academy of public administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Kazakhstan


Kazakh-Russian University, Department of Computer science,

Astana, Kazakhstan


Economical trade college, Astana, Kazakhstan