On 23-25 June 2019 the Fourteenth International Conference on Computability, Complexity, and Randomness (CCR 2019) will be held in Nazarbayev University hosted by the Department of Mathematics.

The conference series(CCR) is devoted to issues around algorithmic information theory, Kolmogorov complexity, and their relationship with computability theory, complexity theory, logic and reverse mathematics. The last 10–15 years has seen huge progress in the areas represented by CCR with two long monographs in the area, recognition at the International Congress of Mathematicians, and a thoroughly thriving research community.

The aim of the Conference is to gather researchers interested in computability theory and algorithmic randomness for exchanging ideas and for collaboration.

The conference will be co-located with The Sixteenth Asian Logic Conference which will be held at Nazarbayev University on 17-21 June 2019.

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