Manat Mustafa, PhD

Department: Mathematics
Position: Assistant Professor
Office: 7.220
Email: manat.mustafa@nu.edu.kz
Phone: +7(7172) 694670
Website: https://sites.google.com/nu.edu.kz/manatmustafa/home?authuser=1

Dr. Manat Mustafa received his Ph.D in mathematics from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in 2012 in Almaty. He is currently an assistant professor at Department of Mathematics at Nazarbayev University. Prior to joining Nazarbayev University, he served in the School of Physics and Mathematics at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as a research fellow.2003-2009 he was a high school math teacher at Republican Specialized Physics-Mathematics Secondary Boarding School for Gifted Students named after O.Zhautykov in Almaty. His research interests include Mathematical logic, computability theory, set theory, Algebra and operator theory.



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10. Ian Herbert, Sanjay Jain, Manat Mustafa, Steffen Lempp and Frank Stephan. Reductions between types of numberings.   Submitted to a journal.


In preparation

  1. L.S.Mauro, N. Bazhenov, M. Mustafa, M. Yamaleev, and A. Sorbi. Equivalence relations in the Ershov hierarchy 
  2. Bazhenov.N, M.Mustafa, M.Yamaleev. Sigma-definable equivalences relations. 


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