Tursonjan Tokay, PhD

Department: Biology
Position: Associate Professor
Office: 7e.524
Phone: +7 (7172) 706610


1982-1987 : MD, Medicine in Xinjiang Medical University, Xinjiang, China

2001-2005 : Ph.D. in Biology of Neuroscience at INSERM (U413), the European Institute for Peptide Research (IFRMP 23, France).

Prof. Tokay has 30 years of academic and research experience in the fields of biomedical
research, clinical research and Biomedical teaching at 4 Universities in 4 different countries:
Associate Professor of Human Anatomy at Xinjiang Medical University in China (13 years);
Doctor and Postdoc at Rouen University in France (6 year); Principal Investigator and Assistant
Professor of Physiology at Rostock University in Germany (8 years). Prof. Tokay also worked as
Deputy Director General of the Center for Life Sciences / Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan
(2 years).
After graduation from Xinjiang Medical University, P.R. China in 1987, Prof. Tokay was
appointed for an academic position in the same University. He participated in Anatomy teaching
and several research projects of the University. In 1999, Prof. Tokay was honoured a
Scholarship from “Chinese National Scholarship Council” and sent to France to complete a PhD
In 2005, after obtaining his PhD degree in Neurobiology with outstanding remarks (summa cum
Laude), he was invited by University of Rostock / Germany to participate in a national research
project granted by Federal Ministry for Education and Research of Germany. In 2009, Prof.
Tokay was appointed for a permanent academic position at the University of Rostock.
Since July 2014, Prof. Tokay has been working at the Center for Life Science at Nazarbayev
University as Deputy Director General on Science, Innovation and Academic Issues, and Head
of Institute of Bioengineering, Regenerative Medicine and Neurophysiology, respectively.


Life Sciences – Biomedicine – Neuroscience
1. Regulation of neurotransmitter receptors and brain function in health and disease.
– To better understand the mechanisms of synaptic transmission and synaptic plasticity
– To investigate the role of glutamate receptors in learning and memory
2. Understanding the mechanisms of aging and neurodegeneration.
– To investigate the role of beta-amyloid on astrocyte and AD
– To explore the impact of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) on aging and

3. Development of new therapeutic strategies to neurological disorders

– To search for molecules to prevent and treat epilepsy and other neurodegenerative


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