Advanced Robotics and Mechatronic Systems (ARMS)

73888ARMS Lab is a research laboratory at the Department of Robotics of SST. The laboratory focuses on the design and implementation of intelligent devices and algorithms with an emphasis on rehabilitation, locomotion, and industrial automation applications. Current projects include an intelligent multigrasp robotic hand equipped with laser scanners for industrial automation, a hybrid quadruped robot employed legged and wheeled locomotion for different terrains and development of path planning algorithms for redundant robot manipulators.


Astana LAboratory for Robotic and Intelligent Systems (ALARIS)


ALARIS was recently established as part of the Department of Robotics and Mechatronics. The laboratory research areas include industrial and mobile robotics, robot perception and intelligent systems.


Laboratory of Medicinal and Molecular Electrochemistry (LAM Group)

Lam LogoThe laboratory is housed within the Chemistry Department of SST. Our Research is interdisciplinary and range from the development of new anticancer agents to the synthesis of CO2 reduction electrocatalysts.

Current projects include the synthesis of novel tyrosine kinase inhibitors against melanoma and other types of cancers, activation of small organic molecules using electrochemistry and electrocatalytical reduction of CO2 under mild conditions.


Advanced Materials Research and Laser Technologies (AMRELAT) Laboratory

233468AMRELAT Laboratory is a research laboratory in the Department of Physics of SST. The laboratory is focused on research and development in the area of laser-based materials characterization and processing, fast and ultra-fast time-resolved laser-acoustic and photo-thermal techniques, inelastic laser (Raman and Brillouin) light scattering spectroscopy, surface plasmon-enhanced spectroscopy and optical nano-metrology of variety of bulk, thin film and nanostructured materials.