Недавно (07.11.2018 г.) Школа Наук и Технологий в сотрудничестве с посольством США организовала семинар по кибербезопасности. Основными спикерами семинара были г-н Роберт Бергида – помощник генерального советника в ФБР и г-н Ричард Меннути – специальный надзорный агент в ФБР. 

Среди приглашенных гостей были представители министерств Республики Казахстан (Министерства обороны и аэрокосмической промышленности, Министерства обороны); Комитет национальной безопасности Республики Казахстан; Национальные и квазигосударственные компании; частные компании и другие университеты страны.


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Recently our Biology department students travelled to Beijing, China to present their research papers at the 2018 World Life Science Conference. The topic of their presentation was Nanomedicine.



Student Ayan Nurkesh presented a research paper called “Date pits nanodots as a novel anti-cancer drug acts though inhibition of peroxidase, ROS levels, DNA damage and pH alteration”.


Student Akerke Altaikyzy presented a paper work called “Effect of carbon nanoparticles on bacterial cell growth and development”. 


During the conference students attended lectures of 5 Nobel Prize winners and other distinguished professors. Additionally they were able to attend the Chinese Academy of Science labs where they gained a valuable experience in a field of Nanobiotechnology. 

The research works of our students were nominated for a “Travel Award” that was given for 55 participants out of 4000 in total. 


We are proud to announce that NU_Kazakhstan team won a Gold medal on synthetic biology competition iGEM 2018 held in Boston, USA. For the first time, they were nominated for a standard track award – Best Environment Project!

This year, 3 students from NU_Kazakhstan team (15 students in total) attended the Giant Jamboree. Namely, Daulet Aitymbayev (junior biology major), Aigerim Abdimanova (senior biology major), and Assel Mukhanova (junior biology major). They did a presentation and presented a project poster. Please, visit the following website to know more about the project: http://2018.igem.org/Team:NU_Kazakhstan
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Team members for this year’s competition are Daulet Aitymbayev, Assel Mukhanova, Aigerim Abdimanova, Lyazzat Bekish, Nikhola Mirashirova, Kuanysh Sarkytbayev, Atabek Bektash, Aidana Toleshova, Tomiris Mulikova, Ayagoz Meirkhanova, Ramina Abdymananova, Alyamdar Askerov, Aiganym Abduraimova, Nurgul Makhmetova, and Malika Khassenova. 

On 18-19th October 2018 the School of Science and Technology in collaboration with the Department of International Cooperation of the NU hosted a “Sino-French-Kazakh Workshop on Innovative Therapeutic Solutions for Cancer and Ageing diseases”. Participants from Kazakh, Chinese and French academic and medical institutions have gathered in Nazarbayev University to share their views and knowledge on cancer and ageing diseases area, and strengthen international cooperation.

The forum was co-organized by International Bio-Business Services (IBBS) – a France-based company organizing international scientific events.


This year the School of Science and Technology hosted First Annual Meeting of the Kazakh Physical Society (KPS). Annual Meeting of Kazakh Physical Society is devoted to provide a platform for communication, exchange, and coordination between scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, performing active research in different areas of physics and related sciences. The Meeting collectively established and supported high and internationally competitive standards of research in physics in Kazakhstan by facilitating national and international collaboration among physicists and promote value of science in technology among general population and especially young people in Kazakhstan.


On 27th September 2018 our School held the Dean’s List Awards Ceremony. This time students with an overall GPA of 3.75 and higher in Spring 2018 semester were awarded with a special Certificate of recognition from Deans Vassilios Tourassis and Associate Dean Michael Lewis. A total number of 124 students from the School of Science and Technology were awarded this time.

We congratulate our students and wish them to continue achieving high results in all their beginnings!

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During summer 2018 School of Science and Technology biology students with the support of Prof. Tokay were granted to do an internship at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 


Aims of the internship were to:

  • Get acquainted with foreign campus culture, scientific research, and hospital services.
  • Provide an opportunity for NU biological sciences department students to spend a summer interning at Shanghai Tong Ren Hospital in pathology and laboratory departments, and at Hongqiao International Research Institute of Medicine in an environment devoted exclusively to biomedical research side-by-side with some of the leading scientists in the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • Visit hospitals and research institutions, carry out laboratory research, and experience Chinese culture.

Students spent most of the time in Shanghai Center for Biosystems Medicine (SCBM) and Shanghai Tongren Hospital Research Institute where students had a chance to see the laboratories in China and learnt to work with liver cancer cells and astrocytes, and how different novel drugs affect these cells. One of the most important and interesting things was that students learnt the world’s leading techniques which are Polymerase Chain Reaction and Western Blot. 

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Other part of the students studied some tissue samples from an actual patient to be diagnosed under the microscope in Shanghai Tong Ren Hospital (STRH). In addition, a lot of medical knowledge, especially about cancer types and diagnosis, as well as clinical testing for various diseases methods were acquired.

Furthermore, students had a chance to assist doctors in a real-life surgery experience. For some students it was their first ever experience to witness a surgery from a medical professional perspective. 

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*Information is taken from the report of student Daulet Aitymbayev

Recently some of our high-achieving undergraduate students who are currently taking courses at the University at Buffalo have visited the Niagara Falls at the Niagara Falls State Park, USA.

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On 27th May 2018 some of our Computer Science community members participated at the BI Marathon. Despite the bad weather the mood was good and every body finished the well deserved 10km.


Congratulations to our fit Faculty members and students!


On 1st and 2nd June Nazarbayev University held IV graduation ceremony for students with the participation of the Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev.

This year, 811 students became graduates of the university, including 506 on undergraduate programs, 302 under the Master’s program and 3 under doctorate programs.



The largest number of undergraduate students graduated from the School of Science and Technology (195 graduates); School of Engineering (156 graduates); School of Humanities and Social Sciences (155 graduates). There are 64 graduates in master’s programs in the Graduate School of Business, 64 graduates in the Higher School of Education, 48 graduates in the Higher School of Public Policy, 33 graduates in the School of Humanitarian and Social Sciences, 18 graduates in the School of Science and Technology, 63 in the School of Engineering, 25 graduates in the School of Medicine (first graduation). In the doctoral studies – 3 graduates of the Higher School of Education. Among the most popular specialties – electrical and electronic engineering, robotics, biological sciences, political science and international relations, mathematics, etc.

Graduates of Nazarbayev University are competitive young specialists, in demand both at home and abroad. Graduates of the previous three issues are about 1800 students, including graduates-doctoral candidates of the previous issue, are successfully employed in different companies. “More than half of the graduates are employed immediately. They work in the sector of financial services, engineering, robotics, and find jobs in large consulting companies. We are pleased to observe the trend, when many of our graduates open their business. Our students work in Kazakhstan, and those who leave, continue their education. Some of students also successfully work for international companies,” – said Shigeo Katsu, President of Nazarbayev University. More than 30 graduates of previous years have found their place in the labor market of Europe, North America and Asia. Among them there are graduates successfully working in such leading IT companies as Google and Microsoft, as well as Silicon Valley.