Dear Nazarbayev University Community!

We are happy to announce the First Annual Youth Chemistry Conference that will be held in Nazarbayev University on November 11!
This will entirely be organized by the Chemistry Department of SST and particularly the Senior Students of Chemistry Major!
The topic of the Conference will be Recent Advances in the Fields of Chemistry, and the participants will demonstrate their most recent findings in a wide range of Chemical Sciences. These will include Medicinal Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Catalysis, and Green Chemistry! More so, international guest speakers are expected to give presentations as well!
We are very delighted to invite every member of our University to participate in the Conference! This will be a great networking, scientific and professional experience for both you and us! In case you currently have no research or have not thought of relating yourself with chemistry, you still can visit our Conference to attend the talks of your interest and see an overview of our projects on posters! For students of younger years, that might give an idea for further growth. You will see why chemistry is exciting!
For more detailed information, please, check our website: 
and feel free to register in case you would like to take part!
This is going to be free of charge for Nazarbayev University students!
Registration closes: October 31, 23:59.
Date: November 11.
Venue: Nazarbayev University, SST Block.
Thank you for attention and see you on YChem!