SST students were invited to the Dean’s List Award Ceremony on February 3, 2017. The ceremony started with the Student Support Office representative Mirat Akshalov giving an introductory speech and then inviting the SST Dean Vassilios Tourassis to the stage. The Dean said that everyone gathered that evening to celebrate the accomplishments of the SST students who earned their place on the Dean’s List by getting a GPA over 3.75 for the Fall 2016 semester. The Dean also said that the School is proud of the students and congratulated them on the successful achievement.


Nazarbayev University Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs, Loretta O’Donnell was among the guests for that evening and was invited to the stage by the Dean to give a great encouraging message to the students. Later on, Vassilois Kovanis, the Chair of Physics department, Ivan Vorobyev, the acting Chair of Biology department, and professor Gonzalo Hap Hortelano delivered their congratulatory speeches to the students. 


Then the moment that the students were waiting came and Mirat Akshalov and Albina Khairova named all 125 students one after another who came to the stage individually. NUSST Dean Vassilios Tourassis and Vice-Dean Michael Lewis recognized each student individually for their successful completion of Fall 2016 semester and handed the certificates to the students. 


After the certificates were distributed all the students were photographed in groups by representatives of NU Image club. Later on everyone joined School administration and faculty for a nice coffee break. The ceremony turned out to be a great evening and the students were well received. 



Photos by NU Image