Rustem Takhanov

Department: Mathematics
Position: Assistant professor
Email: rustem.takhanov@nu.edu.kz
Office: 7.519
Phone: +7 (7172) 704684


  • M.A., Applied Mathematics and Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Dorodnitsyn Computing Center of Russian Academy of Sciences
  •  Thesis at PhysTech: “Some estimations of generalization capabilities of learning algorithms”
  •  Ph.D. dissertation: “Predicate description of supplementary constraints in pattern recognition problems” 



Research interests:

  • Machine learning
  • Constraint satisfaction problem and its soft versions
  • Conditional random fields and structured prediction
  • Sequence labeling
  • Neural networks


Selected papers:

  • “Predicate description of universal constraints in the algebraic approach to pattern recognition problems” eng ru mathnet (2007) in Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz.
  • “Maximum predicate descriptions of sets of mappings” eng ru mathnet (2007) in Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz.
  • “On the sample monotonization problem” eng ru mathnet  (2010) in Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz.
  • “A Dichotomy Theorem for the General Minimum Cost Homomorphism Problem” eng (2010) in STACS 2010
  • “Extensions of the minimum cost homomorphism problem” eng (2010) in COCOON 2010


Relevant poster/presentations:



Recent teaching (spring 2016): 

  • Calculus III
  • Probability









Contact information: E-mail: ‘rustem.takhanov’ followed by ‘@’ and the Nazarbayev University domain name
Phone: +7 (7172) 70-46-84   
53 Qabanbay batyr ave,
010000 Astana